How Brett Heaton Juarez Can Help

In his mid-20s, Brett realized that unless he made a change, he would not be able to afford to give his son the childhood that his parents gave him.  He had great intentions, but no action plan. He made a change, and learned how money works.  Now, he teaches others.  Once a person becomes aware and understands the basic concepts, the perceived barriers will fall away.  Whether expanding your business, tracking towards retirement, or growing your family, Brett coaches quality people that work harder to work smarter too. 

Using his background as an educator, Brett Heaton Juarez will start with listening. Good listening is fundamental to any professional or personal relationship.  By asking thought-provoking questions, answering any you may have, by listing your goals and objectives, and comparing where you are to where you want to be, Brett can coach you to align your reality with your best intentions.

In a noisy and busy world, sometimes it just helps to talk through it. As with most things worthwhile, the first step is the hardest.

Brett's Vision

"To live in a society in which everyone has access to quality advice rooted in a personalized, written financial plan"

Brett's Mission

“Apply empathy, integrity and expertise in every situation, even when it would be easier not to”

Creating a Financial Plan 

Each of us has a different vision of what it means to be financially secure, and your vision is likely to change throughout your lifetime – when you begin your career, start a family, grow your business, or enter retirement.  Brett Heaton Juarez can help you create a personalized financial plan that has a firm foundation in your beliefs and a clear path to keep your ideal future within reach.

But achieving financial security takes more than creating a comprehensive plan; you also have to evaluate and adjust it over time.  Together, we'll create a roadmap to protect and set goals for you and your family now, and execute the steps necessary to respond to whatever life brings.

As a Certified Financial Planner, we can define together the scope, detail and service you are looking for. More common services include 401k/403b rollovers, disability and term life insurance, and initiating Roth IRAs and 529 college plans.

More in-depth planning services include retirement income and social security planning, student loan planning, tracking investment goals for retirement and/or college savings, and employee benefits for small businesses/nonprofits.

My team and I (see Staff) are uniquely suited to discuss these topics in a way that is culturally and financially relevant to any guest in our office. We use technology to facilitate access and visual learning, we speak Spanish, and we have teaching backgrounds.

Se Habla Espanol

The Business Corner

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With a focused expertise on the business owner, I can provide guidance for any stage of your business. Learn how we offer solutions designed for you, for your employees and for your key employees. Let us help you:

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